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The Last Dinner Party
Prelude to Ecstacy LP

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We expected it to some extent, but The Last Dinner Party have delivered a full-bodied atmospheric album with Prelude to Ecstacy.

The album is artistically assembled. It’s a rather neat collection of songs with a good flow. However, this ain’t no high-brow publication; we sometimes write in pyjamas just to irritate Malcolm Gladwell. Let’s talk about the unsaid issue. ‘Nothing Matters’ was the single that launched this band to the moon, and the follow-up singles haven’t exploded in the same way.

Now, this is tragic as ‘On Your Side’ was a wonderful offering. However, it’s a signal that the eclectic creativity was a bit confusing for those who were attracted to the alternative indie of the initial single.

The album is no less various, but it flows. It’s a veritable soundtrack, which many listeners will adore. It’s not like your traditional album of 12 variations on a style, for sure, but it slides gently between all the different sounds without any jarring switches.

The Highlights of Prelude to Ecstasy

Highlights are numerous. The classical reimaginings of the album’s intro, and the choir of ‘Gjuha’ provide near-religious experiences. I love the quirky elements of ‘My Lady Of Mercy’ and the emotion of ‘On Your Side’ or ‘Beautiful Boy’. You can see why there are comparisons to Florence and the Machine.

Then there are the dark edges of ‘Burn Alive’ and ‘Mirror’, which give me flashbacks to Siouxsie and the Banshees. The up-tempo offerings of ‘Sinner’ and ‘Nothing Matters’ are right up there, too.

Cohesive Track Listing

Ultimately, the cohesive track listing elevates this album. By weaving it together in the right order, they’ve prevented it being an oddball mish-mash and instead delivered something special.

The Last Dinner Party are over in Europe on tour and head to America next. After the festival season, they finally return to the UK in September. Most of these UK tour dates are already sold out.

Nothing Matters Video

Let’s go back to where it started for a little taster. Yes, it’s probably the song of broadest appeal on the record – but everyone needs a gateway.

Watch The Last Dinner Party – ‘Nothing Matters’.

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