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February Dispatch: Music on Repeat vol. 6

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Not much happened before the December holidays but a lot has happened since. Let’s have a look at what the team have been up to!

January is usually a slow month. Work, music, fishing, gigs, beekeeping, film, and even galleries slow down as if everything just needs time to recover from the previous year. Or the holidays.

Everything slows down so much that it feels like life itself goes into hibernation, the weird slumber state bears love, and we envy them when we realise that January has about thirty-four Mondays but February has three and a halfish. That’s the usual January-February.

Luckily, we’re in 2024 and the team has been busy since day one.

The office was only buzzing a lot more when we had a little bee incident… that day we were all beesier than usual. Somewhat.

Anyway, what’s the stuff we’ve been playing on repeat? Hold your sombreros and pints (or kids on a leash) because here we go.

Rachel Chinouriri – ‘Never Need Me’

Not mentioning the super amazing Rachel Chinouriri in the Dispatch would be a crime.

Honestly, whatever she touches turns to gold, be it ‘Never Need Me’ or ‘The Hills’.

The world has been in love with Taylor Swift for years.

The world is wrong.

It should be falling in love with Rachel.

We sure have been.

Watch Rachel Chinouriri – ‘Never Need Me’.

Faye Webster – ‘Lifetime’

Faye Webster’s music cannot be easily categorised. Her new album, Underdressed at the Symphony (2024), is balancing between soft rock, and country, and some from the team say R&B. When I play the album, I believe I often hear soft jazz. I love jazz.

I’m keeping an eye on her music. So should you.

Watch Faye Webster – ‘Lifetime’.

Sleater-Kinney – ‘Untidy Creature’

Sleater-Kinney delivered an amazing album, Little Rope. It’s full of blasts you’ll be playing in the years to come. Certainly when you go to their gig – we hope they come to the UK sooner rather than later.

The song itself is mesmerising, something with a purpose and message, delivered so powerfully that there’s no doubt the album is a 2024 top 10 staple.

When you hear the riff for the first time, you’ll be replaying the first sixteen seconds a lot. We’ve been there and can’t stop talking about it.

It’s a pleasure hearing Sleater-Kinney in the bestest of shapes. And keeping them on repeat, naturally.

Watch Sleater Kinney – Untidy Creature

Holly Humberstone – ‘Into Your Room’

When I pitched my Holly Humberstone notes from the 2022 Glastonbury to the team, they loved them. As far as I remember, ‘Scarlett’ resonated the most.

We’re still in love with her music – from going to her Reading Festival performance to just reviewing a new single – ‘Into Your Room’.

We’re huge fans.

Watch Holly Humberstone – ‘Into Your Room’.

Sea Girls – ‘I Want You To Know Me’

Who writes better indie anthems than Sea Girls? Nobody. Since ‘Weekends and Workdays’ popped up and told us our fortunes included a new album, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. ‘I Want You To Know Me’ is their latest preview and the album is coming soon.

But I wanna be a dancer, I can’t dance
I wanna be an astronaut, no chance
I wanna be the singer in a pop band
And I want you to know me

Watch Sea Girls – ‘I Want You To Know Me’.

The Last Dinner Party – ‘On Your Side’

I’m happy it wasn’t me reviewing The Last Dinner Party’s last album Prelude to Ecstasy, because I’d still be looking for words and never finish writing the article.

It’s one of the weird ones. 

If our review calls it “a veritable soundtrack”, with which I agree, it’s mostly a soundtrack to a play you’re watching in a theatre.

This is no ordinary art rock, this is art rock of the highest quality.

When I’m listening to it, it irritates me and entertains me at the same time. Kate Bush (and the likes), but on steroids.

Watch The Last Dinner Party – ‘On Your Side’.

Green Day – ‘American Idiot’

Seeing Green Day’s album Saviours has been killing it, we had a look at ‘American Idiot’ because we spotted a few similarities with ‘The American Dream is Killing Me’.

We discussed the song’s relevance in today’s world.

Is it? Is it not? You can find out.

Watch Green Day – ‘American Idiot’.

Lauran Hibberd – ‘2nd Prettiest Girl (In The World)’

Having released a string of fantastic singles since her debut album, Garageband Superstar, Lauran Hibberd is building up to a massive follow-up long player. ‘Honda Civic’, ‘I Suck At Grieving’, and ‘Mary’ have shown us the songwriting is in full flow.

With ‘2nd Prettiest Girl (In The World)’, we just haven’t been able to leave it out of our playlists.

Watch Lauran Hibberd – ‘2nd Prettiest Girl’.

Jane’s Addiction – ‘True Nature’

I can’t believe we never wrote a single word about Jane’s Addiction. Until now.

I’m just going to leave this here and crack on:

Scoring points with God
Get no perfect marks
But your grades keep falling
How you treat the weak is
Your true nature calling

Watch Jane’s Addiction – ‘True Nature’.

Pearl Jam – ‘Dark Matter’

We can’t assume much about the new Pearl Jam album, titled Dark Matter, based on one song, which also happens to be titled ‘Dark Matter’.

We still love Eddie Vedder‘s Earthling (2022), and adore ‘Rose of Jericho’.

Here’s the kicker, Dark Matter’s producer collaborated with Eddie before. And not only Eddie.

We’re expecting an absolute diamond of music.

Watch Pearl Jam – ‘Dark Matter’.

Feeder – ‘Playing With Fire’

We have to list Feeder here as well as we’ve been pretty busy listening to them in our prep for the Portsmouth gig. If you’re interested, here are more tour dates.

We will surely hear mostly songs from the upcoming album since both are called Black / Red, e.g., ‘Elf’ and ‘Playing With Fire’, but our wishlists also include a few items from the Torpedo LP (2022) and Echo Park (2001).

‘Playing With Fire’ is on the harder scale of their songs.

Watch Feeder – ‘Playing With Fire’.

Jimi Hendrix – ‘All Along the Watchtower’

One of the best guitarists of all time covering a song by one of the best singer-songwriters of all time. Actually, let’s be honest, the best songwriter ever.

We love both and the office has had this one on more than a couple of times in February.

Watch The Jimi Hendrix Experience – ‘All Along The Watchtower’.

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