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In A Dream

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The return of Superdrone comes with the total loss of working copies for all their new material, but they are hard at work creating new stuff. ‘In A Dream’ is the first song to make it unscathed into the wild.

Now, this is undoubtedly a swimmy shoegaze track, but there’s a 90s beat, conjuring Happy Mondays or Soup Dragons. This beat drives below a psychedelic element that harks all the way back to Donovan. The vocal is treated like one of the instruments, low in the mix and only really prominent in the more stripped-back sections.

Every new song written this year has just become corrupt on the brand new mac and has been deleted. Uploading a new single every two weeks and we only have one mastered. Most people would be devastated having to write all new material. NOPE. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!

Superdrone are a band overflowing with creativity, so we aren’t worried. They will continue to give us high-quality and staunchly independent music like ‘In A Dream’.

In addition to releasing new music, the band are planning a tour, which would reunite Ed Richards (vocals, bass, production) with former Versonic / Sonic Underground drummer TimmyG. They also have music slated for use in a sci-fi movie and a Netflix show.

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