Sixty Mile Smile

Sixty Mile Smile
13 Days LP

Ready, steady, bang! – This debut EP from Essex power punk trio, Sixty Mile Smile, sets out to blow your head off right from the start and doesn’t stop trying for the full 16 minutes, 10 seconds.

The record kicks off at a blistering pace with the title track, ’13 Days’. Telling the story of our man having, well, 13 days, to ‘make her see things my way and forever’, this powerful opener sets the yardstick for the rest of the record to follow. Why he’s only got 13 days to achieve his no doubt lusty goal is anyone’s guess, but quite frankly who gives a toss, as the great hooks and raw energy are just the ticket to shoehorn you into the next tune, with no pause for breath.

‘Nothing’ is a great platform for Paul James’s cutting vocals to shine through however, the track also manages to sneak in a metal guitar break in the middle which gives this tune some real beef as well as highlighting the competent song writing skills on offer.

However, any expectation of a let up in pace is banished to the realms of ‘no bloody chance’ with the pounding drum line signalling the start of ‘Broken Glass’. More good hooks, more attitude and some real head-down metal guitar moments make this hardest tune on the EP and it’s a great prelude for what is probably the best song, ‘Call It A Day’.

Whilst losing no energy at all, ‘Call It A Day’ is definitely the most melodic out of this bunch. An anthemic chorus, some good tempo changes and a really catchy guitar riff all gel together to form a cracking good tune which could do well as a single, given the right airplay.

The record ends with ‘Last Time’ and ‘Far Behind’ which are both pretty good tracks in their own right and underline the impression that this is a band which should be worth catching live. In fact, if you have any intention of being up the front at their next gig, I would strongly suggest that the unfit among you seriously consider a short training program beforehand as, if this record is anything to go by, you may well need it!

In short, ’13 Days’ shows an ambition which is not entirely unjustified. While lyrically and (to a lesser extent) melodically SMS need to catch up, the pace, power & attitude of all of these tunes is right where it should be, bold, brash and in your face.

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