Golden Section - Fire in the Hall

Golden Section
Fire in the Hall EP

Golden Section are a one-year-old Chichester-based four-piece who state that their intention is to ‘gain recognition in the British music scene’ with their guitar-led rock with electronic samples thrown in to the mix.

The sparkling intro to the title track transitions to a sombre verse that sets the tone of the song and, to some extent, the whole EP. There is an excellent section before the chorus that features thundering drums to build up the crescendo. The samples aren’t obvious in this one, but they are they making a subtle contribution that gets more prominent in second track ‘Proximity Mines’.

The piano and the emotive vocal are both reminiscent of Bonemachine’s ‘Another Day Over’, while the synth that runs behind these elements has a certain Muse quality about it. The final flurry is short but intense and makes this song the best on the EP.

‘Within These Walls’ starts off acoustic and spends three minutes building up in to a substantial rock track.

‘Teacher Preacher’ initially sounds the least comfortable for Golden Section, with a retro rock riff that deviates from the more contemporary songs the preceded it. Once the intro is done with the song settles down a bit in to a bouncy rhythm that flows nicely enough.

The melancholy ‘Your Displacement’ sees the return of the keyboards with quite an eighties sounding intro that reappears at various points later in the song. The seamless flow in to the uplifting intro of ‘Floatation’ is a touch of class and the anthemic EP closer is a classic emotional exit.

The Pixies, Three Colours Red, Feeder, Gary Numan, Radiohead, and Muse all have some small influence on the sound which is fairly downbeat lyrically but has moments of emotionally lifting music.

This is one of those records that captures a mood and as such becomes a part of life’s soundtrack. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening to ‘Floatation’ when you’re walking about in the rain feeling sorry for yourself.

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