Blue and green record exploding into shards

Golden Section
Golden Section EP

This self-titled EP from Golden Section is a melting pot of pop, rock and electronica, with a handful of summery tunes and catchy beats. But it’s the vocals that really kept me listening.

There’s just something quite eerie and compelling about them, the only outlet of emotion in the music, especially in the imaginatively titled ‘6180339887’ where the vocals add a layer of melancholy that rivals the upbeat music.

The tracks easily become euphoric and intense and the use of keyboard is a successful touch. The first few tracks pass in a flash and you’re halfway through the record before you even realise it, but by the time you get there it’s all becoming a bit repetitive. ‘Narcotics Dustbin’ sounds like it’s come straight from video game, with strange, electronic sounds and effects.

The continual tempo changes pretty much hold this EP together, certainly mastering the mix of pop and electronica, without trying to be anything else.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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