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Life Sentence

Following a period of experimentation with their line up, Life Sentence are now serving their term as a four piece with a sound that is more mature than you could reasonably expect from a group aged between 16 and 19.

‘Draw the Line’ kicks off the EP with a broken-down verse that is pushed along by a chugging bass line and crisp drumming. The sound could be described as fairly straightforward rock if it wasn’t for the intricate guitar parts and creative drums that back up the confident vocals of Dan Mackey. The guitar solo isn’t excessive in this track and maintains a tuneful core to the string wandering that builds up nicely to the final chorus.

‘My Curse’ follows seamlessly with a darker edge to the sound and lot’s of choppy stops placed throughout the song. The structure of the song is similar to the opener with restraint in the verses and volume in the chorus.

Penultimate track ‘Cut You Down’ has a light picked-guitar intro followed by a stripped out verse and some heavy sounding guitar punches. A hefty double bass drum rhythm leads up to the end of the song.

‘The End’ is the paciest song on offer with a great vocal line and a break down reminiscent of Papa Roach’s Infest era.

With the exception of the ‘Cut You Down’, which may require the audience to be a bit rockier, the songs on this disc are incredibly appealing to a wide group of listeners. The overall sound is a mix of Redefine, Godsmack, and Thirst and the songs all approach the five minute mark without dragging, which is unusual in a three-minute-pop-influenced world.

DNA is a great EP with four songs that all shine in their own right. If you can listen to this record without appreciating any of the songs on offer you are probably dead.

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