A World Asleep

A World Asleep
I Concede

A World Asleep have supported some well known bands in the form of Oceansize and Twin Zero, and have forthcoming appearances with Ariel-X and Aerogramme lined up. The reason for this must be, in part, due to the musical ability of the group, as the drums, bass, guitars, and vocals are all heading for the top of their game, leaving me free to talk the part that really matters… the songs.

‘I Concede’ cracks the whip at the front end of the disk, starting off gently with some quiet guitar picking and rolling drums. The next section, with crunchy wandering guitar and ambient tones, makes you think things are going to develop along the lines of Placebo’s ‘Lady of the Flowers’ before the verse kicks in with a precise vocal. There are obvious intentions of a big chorus, underlined by the ominous pause for effect, which manages to make the chorus huge with a great riff and melody to match.

The song then turns into an out-of-control car after the second chorus, with more changes of direction than a squirming politician vying for your vote. With each direction comes another sound or style until the exhausting conclusion, just shy of the seven-minute mark. 

For lovers of a punchy track with catchy chorus, the first 3 minutes marks out exactly the kind of tune that would ensure a mad dash to the record store to purchase the single. For fans of Mogwai and Radiohead, who revel in the complexity and variation of a song, the next four minutes will have a similar effect.

‘Swan’ does things completely the other way around, with an up-front guitar picking part that creates a harpesque sound for the bass to add moments that sound almost random. It’s around the three minute mark that the huge chorus appears to grab your attention and drag you through second half of the song.

A World Asleep have listed Tool, Radiohead, Mogwai, and Nine Inch Nails as influences, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you got the likes of Headswim, Deftones, and Little Green out of this recording as well.

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