You Owe Me EP

Priding themselves of an all round rock sound that encompasses everything from pop-rock to hard hitting metal; Tern obviously intend to bash out some tracks filled with diversity.

‘You Owe Me’ sets things up with some Cranberries style guitar winding its way behind the grungy instrumentation of the track. The chorus pushes things up a few notches on the angsty scale with the vocal taking on the crucial responsibility of maintaining a melody while being gritty, which it achieves rather comfortably.

Second track, ‘Push One Stop’, doesn’t quite inspire as much as the opener although the vocal is particularly noteworthy. Perhaps it’s because the guitar sound is a bit ropey, or because you just know that the transition between the verse and chorus just isn’t the best that these chaps can do.

‘Sleeping Awake’, however, starts off with an intro that shows off a little of the metal side of the band before a decent bit of accessible rock pounds it’s way through the verse. The chorus slips in with a classy tightness and a brilliantly memorable tune that effortlessly floats back in to the verse. A few quiet bars begin to build the anticipation before the solo kicks in and does the same for the last chorus. A return to the intro riff finishes things off before the Foo Fighters meets Kaiser Chiefs intro to ‘Bigbadbill’.

Tern have got the right idea stylistically, drawing on their favourite styles individually to create their own sound as a group. A tiny bit of additional creativity within the tracks to add a bit of variety to the verse, chorus, repeat, and solo formula would spice up things, but apart from that Tern are essentially there.

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