Tern - Standard Modern Brain

Standard / Modern Brain

Quick to follow up on the success of their ‘You Own Me’ EP, Tern are back with a double a-side that builds on their all-round rock style with two very different songs that supply both explosive rock and something a little more introspective, but nevertheless rocking throughout.

The intro to ‘Standard’ sees some great work from the bass guitar, followed by similarly neat drum ideas. With things well and truly underway, the intentions of this pacey rock song soon become clear, with strong changes in direction to spice things up. The verse cuts things back in anticipation of the big chorus and, over the top of all this great music, the melodic grungy vocal skips along with supreme confidence. An instrumental section, comprising of a wiry guitar riff and stop start rhythm, adds some depth to the song structure.

‘Modern Brain’ supplies an emotive verse and driving chorus at the core with creative instrumental sections breaking up the track. This is a moody song with more rolling toms and an unhinged guitar sound in the verse. The instrumental riff and rhythm bit is a little similar to the previous song, but that’s the only criticism of an otherwise great track.

With plenty of grunge moments, expect lots of Seattle references in respect of this release. However, while these are valid for a large slice of this record, don’t be fooled into thinking that Tern are some kind of grunge-revival band, as there is a lot more going on than they’re getting credit for.

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