The Landing

The Landing
As Flies Fly

Having supported the likes of Martin Grech, Mew, and Stellastar, the Landing have put their heads together once more to record some new tracks.

Opener, ‘As Flies Fly’, flies! …straight off the starting line with lots of frantic strumming before leaving things to the bass guitar. The vocal leads the way to an instrumental chorus before getting back to the verse with guitars and bass swapping duties for the next wave. Ending as suddenly as it began, this track is enigmatic and brilliant.

‘Stolen from Surgeons’ utilises a rolling drum pattern and earthy guitars to supply the vocal with a textured slice of ambience that peaks at the end of the song in a flurry of crashing cymbals. The lyrics are poetic and full of meaning and the melody explores the range of singer, Pete Lambrou.

‘Floira’ ends the disk with a helicopter sound that dictates the pace of the crispy-round-the-edges guitars. This track doesn’t find a verse and chorus so much as gradually build and build to the final note before abandoning itself to the sample once more.

Both Radiohead and Muse are definite influences, especially in the emotion and range of the vocal, but The Landing have now moved past the stage of nodding their heads towards other bands when they put together their own songs.

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