Dragoneye Morrison

Dragoneye Morrison
The Official Pace Car of the Apocalypse EP

Last spotted in an episode of the Young Ones, the afterlife has been kind to these four horsemen since the mid 80’s. With a souped-up Corvette as their official pace car, complete with DEM plates and decals, the apocalypse will probably hit us in the time it takes to ask if we have a video before speeding off towards the horizon. If that’s the case then this four track EP would certainly be a contender for the soundtrack to our impending doom.

Shifting into first gear, opener ‘Sinful Mile’ starts with a sinister vocal over a steady drumbeat and a rhythmic bassline that draws you in. The vocals give way to a chainsaw guitar line and continues to build up and up until you expect to hear a scream.

And then there’s nothing.

A split second later, hearing seemingly restored, the tempo briefly picks up along the same lines before the band throw the gear stick out of the window. Moving seamlessly from drumming reminiscent of early 90s blast beats to a crunching chorus with some slower, heavy guitar riffs and some understated solos, it’s a great opener.

Second track, ‘Eyes Bleed for a Reason’, takes a similar approach to tempo and is reminiscent in places of Voivod, with a claustrophobic feel to the production that matches the lyrics, ‘psyche bruised, trodden and crushed, awareness blunted by loathing and lust, who do I trust, who do I trust’.

Third track ‘For the Blind’ starts off with a guitar line that just invites the head to bang before it hits the classic 1-2-3-4 Ramones style intro. A simple loud-quiet-loud dynamic with a killer solo means this song has mosh-pit written all over it. It segues neatly into ‘A Drop of Hatred’ which takes the best elements of the other tracks and smashes them in your face.

4 tracks, 4 members of the band, 4 horsemen. Is 444 the new 666?

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