Duri - Self Right Me

Self Right Me EP

Having been hard at work recording their EP, Duri still found time to put together some bonus video material to add to the disk. However, it’s the songs that really deserve the mention here, as they are all good!

‘With Me’ has a sinister guitar and vocal intro followed by a chunky rhythmic verse with a big guitar riff and pounding bass. In contrast to the angsty low voice in the verse, the vocal soars in the chorus with rich backing vocals thickening up the rock/metal soup in a creamy ambience. The driving riff and pleasing melodies continue in ‘No One Told Me’, which also features a nifty bit of guitar work in the solo before ‘Like Maybe’ adds a more gritty and grinding pace into the mix.

A surprisingly clean guitar sound starts ‘Self Right Me’ off, leaving lots of room for Jaye Jenkins’ vocal. Things start building up to the chorus, which, in contrast to the angry style of the other tracks, seems to expose an emotional vulnerability.

It’s all brilliant stuff with tons of hooks and creative moments. A series of great vocal performances combine with these factors to make this record interesting, pleasing, and thoroughly rocking from start to finish.

Everything has ‘gone larged’, with every riff, chorus and verse pumping out at super-sized proportions and also responds well when you give it a bit of volume too!

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