The Bad Machines
Telling Lies LP

If you’re a fan of pop, Bad Machine’s ‘Telling Lies’ is for you. The youthful female lead vocal complements the electronic style of music adding a sense of innocence to their songs and leaving them eminently accessible for the mass market. I did find the high pitch, repetition of lyrics became slightly irritating at times, but then again I’ll be honest and say electronic pop just isn’t really my thing.

That said, I can already see ‘Two Heads’ on Top of the Pops entertaining hoards of teenage girls, with Michelle Margherita flaunting her excellent pop voice – maybe a little too stereotypical with the ‘teenage girls’, but you get what I mean. As for the rest of the tunes on offer the picks of the bunch are ‘Southcoast’, with it’s strange futuristic effect and a guitar that’s on the whole more appealing than the first track.

The next pick is ‘Kidz’, being probably the best track, bringing a change in tempo for the album – the vocals being much faster and rawer, expressing more emotion with some unusual guitar work also featuring. And finally, ‘Autobahn’, which swiftly follows, changing the tempo again and making you think of those Ibiza anthems, with slow female vocals and an electronic dance beat.

As an album ‘Telling Lies’ improves as it progresses, with a mix of energetic and upbeat songs sitting alongside some hypnotic, slow numbers, all designed to get that weekend feeling flowing.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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