Red Light Go
Was it You EP

Red Light Go mix slick guitaring with synth keyboards in an eccentric pop fashion that hints towards Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, and the Human League. Was it You contains a couple of tracks from a forthcoming album as well as a brace of live recordings.

‘Was it You’ wastes no time getting off the mark, slipping straight into a combined keyboard and guitar intro that drops into a chilled glassy sound for the verse. The bass pumps along like a sequencer in the up-tempo bits and flows in a more funky fashion for the rest of the song. The vocal is a mixture of eighties icons, supplying a dry and emotionless melody to the electronic instrumentation.

Second track, ‘Don’t Tango’, follows a similar pattern, but makes more of the intro – building on a bass and drums combo with some hovering guitars. The keyboards kick out a Gary Numan style chorus line with very electric sounding guitars providing ringing chords.

The live recordings of ‘Elvis’ and ‘Take the Picture’ provide convincing evidence of their energetic live sound, which is a little more raw and edgy than the studio tracks with some additional punky backing vocals. The keyboards still supply the electronic retro-futuristic sounds, that shape the songs with their synthetic string sounds, and the vocal still has the detached feel of the Human League mixed with the off kilter melodies that bring to mind David Bowie.

Red Light Go are treading carefully between the well-trodden path of the recent electro-rock movement and the similarly well trodden path of eighties electonica. A dangerous path it may be, but Red Light Go have an energetic edginess in their sound that makes them well worth a listen.

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