Satch Kerans
Elliot Street LP

Elliot Street is the new album from Boston country rocker and self professed ‘well travelled man’ Satch Kerans. Judging by this latest offering from the ex-Catalinas frontman it would appear that Mr Kerans likes to think of himself as quite the enigmatic, all American mom n apple pie-lovin’, small town song-writer.

Being the man of the world that he is, he of course paints pictures of his travels through the heartland of America recounting stories of the various characters he has met on his way and all of the adventures he has been on.

Unfortunately for this happy-go-lucky wandering minstrel, songs with titles such as ‘Heartbreak Road’, the aforementioned ‘Well Travelled Man’ and ‘Hey, and Don’t Quit On Me Babe’ are filled with cheap, misguided sentimentality, stolen riffs, patchwork melodies and some of the most cringe worthy lyrics I have ever heard.

‘I’ve seen that look in your eye before. I know that you can’t take too much more. I know what’s goin through your mind. Hey, don’t quit on me, babe’ being one such example and I could go on.

In short, our Satch simply does not have the gift for writing original or even for that matter passable material.

Sorry Satch, Bob Dylan you ain’t buddy.

Guest article from Matt E.

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