Soma High

Soma High
Safe From Me

Soma High have impressed us every time they’ve sent in a record, so when this one reached the top of the in-tray a brief scuffle broke out. A couple of paper cuts and one stapled finger later, I rose victorious – CD in one hand and hole punch brandished defensively in the other.

‘Safe From Me’ is kick started by thin guitars and punchy bass that sets up the ambush for the big chorus to jump out and nick your jewellery. Things are even more Radiohead meets Muse than before, with the experimental styles of both and the vocal delivery of the latter.

Haunting keyboards that sound like wind through ruins spend a long time starting the second track, ‘The Long Forgot’. The song is predominantly piano based, with the rest of the band getting introduced together a bit later on. The building up aspect of this song is really well executed, although it doesn’t quite have the crescendo that seems promised.

‘Drinking Cocktails’ is an acoustic song with e-bowed guitars singing over the top. The vocal really gets an outing in this track, confidently engaging a melodic indie feel that’s worlds apart from it’s usual drawn out style.

‘Safe From Me’ is the obvious big track on this record, but ‘Drinking Cocktails’ shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s not often an acoustic song sounds this good, especially from a band that aren’t known for their stripped down sounds.

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