The Eldora Parade
The Eldora Parade EP

The Eldora Parade are a band that, if you haven’t heard much recently, you definitely will be in the near future. During the summer touring around the UK with The Maple State, Chaser and Beyond The Shadow, The Eldora Parade sold their message of modern rock n roll around the UK, picking up fans nationwide and inevitable industry interest.

More recently the Southampton / Bournemouth based boys have supported the likes of The Subways, Reuben’s Accomplice and Test Icicles, showing the standard that they are playing at. The self title EP, released on both tape and CD, has sold in its hundreds and this isn’t hard to believe upon listening to it.

The first song, ‘Only Ever Over ( When You Say Its Over)’ is a classic if ever I heard one. A catchy chorus, melodic guitar work and the classy touch of violins towards the end of the song, leaving nothing more needed to make it a pop hit.

The second song on the EP is ‘A Song For The Summer’. A slow song, beautifully started by guitar and harmonica, and then accompanied by lead singer Justin’s vocals ( as pictured on the right). The percussion creeps into the song in a very classic bluesy way complimenting the relaxing feel of the tune. The song then builds up to a middle 8, showing the true red blooded rock n roll that the Eldora’s live performances have become acclaimed for, then, without falter, ends on a soft note.

Finally, but most certainly not least, is ‘Juliette’. This is a synthesiser powered pop tune that cannot be faulted being a catchy sing-a-long number that gets the foot stomping immediately!

The chorus’ vocals are extremely catchy with ‘Say you wanna see me, well where do you wanna meet me. We can go and see a rock’n’roll band’ being the lyrical hook in question. The break down in the song is just as infectious with a build up of catchy guitar riffs which pick their way back up to speed, making the body want to dance!

The Eldora Parade are definitely a band the keep an eye on.

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