Rat Daddy

Calling On Everything / Peter Says

Returning with a brand new line up and refreshed vigour, Rat Daddy couldn’t wait to give us a flavour of their new sound to digest.

Far from being a bitter pill, the soft rusk of ‘Calling on Everything’ opens with sweet sliding guitar work before using the verse to build us up to the solid’s of the hooky chorus.

Rat Daddy clearly show that they aren’t afraid to combine their previous big-rock style with some edgy progressive sounds and, before any recovery, the second course is served up with a dirty riff intro and melodic guitar and bass combination in the verse. After this, ‘Peter Says’ melts a roaming melody with a big retro stadium chorus. The track then tunnels down a foreboding dark section before hitting the intense rocking ending.

It’s not easy to create an epic rock track without dredging up a bunch of tired old clichés but both tracks measure up only a little over the three and a half minute mark, so no plans to bore us to death on that count.

With a healthy pebble-dashing of creative flair and some downright surprising ideas Rat Daddy have done the business, wiped and flushed leaving both chorus’s firmly stuck on your bowl and growing on you faster than a nasty virus.

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Steve Fenton writes in our music, words, and culture categories. He was Editor in Chief for The Mag and covered live music for DV8 Magazine and Spill Magazine. He was often found in venues throughout the UK alongside ace-photographer, Mark Holloway. Steve is also a technical writer and programmer and writes gothic fiction. Steve studied Psychology at OSC, and Anarchy in the UK: A History of Punk from 1976-1978 at the University of Reading.

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