Enola Fall - We Never Sleep

Enola Fall
We Never Sleep

The sophisticated songwriting and calm ambient sounds give Enola Fall that pop appeal of indie giants Coldplay and Radiohead. The album ‘We Never Sleep’ is a mix of melancholic sounds with desperate outbursts and lyrics focusing on loss and anguish.

Despite the ever-growing chart domination of the likes of Coldplay, there’s still space on the scene for Enola Fall and their talent. The artistic album cover and professionalism of the record was a welcome surprise. As was the DVD video extras which added to the intrigue of this Aussie band.

With the songs floating past your ear space, it’s easy to feel as though you’re hardly listening to the album, with its relaxing sounds. However, not being a big fan of indie-pop, it was a nice surprise when ‘Brief Lives’ provided some energetic vibrancy.

On occasions tracks blend together making it hard to distinguish any difference or individuality, but then maybe I just don’t have the ear for this genre. Saying that, ‘It’s Raining Again’ really stood out with some great acoustic guitar work and punchy drumming and for the final track, Enola Fall almost bring tears to eyes through the raw vocals and poignant lyrics that’ll leave you moved if nothing else.

‘We Never Sleep’ is full of short, simple songs with a powerful and emotional undertone that could give Coldplay a run for their money.

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