Headlining a new regular electro night in Glasgow called Tronic, Ives were launching their new album with a set containing their trademark electro style. Having been around for a few years, this duo have built up a credible reputation around Glasgow and their second self-produced record showcases a confident and calculated electronic sound.

With most songs featuring squelchy beats and a cold bleeping quality, the crowd were dancing and jerking along from the first track and although dancing space was at a premium in the venue, it seemed to go down well with the punters.

With a set marring the harshness of Radioactive Man to the psychedelic touches of The Chemical Brothers more spectral moments, there was more than enough quality and variety on show to entice out even the most hardened and cynical electro fan. This was exemplified during some of the tracks where sampled vocals added another hook and satisfied the less hardcore dance fans by giving them something to focus on and help build their opinions around. As the set continued, the pace quickened and some of the tracks owed a debt to early 90s dance and Italia house records, particularly in the beats and overlays.

Given that the duo were claiming to feel nervous, it certainly never came across in the music and perhaps the lack of great crowd communication was the only giveaway in this department. Then again, when the music is inducing the crowd to dance the last thing needed is on-stage banter interrupting the flow so perhaps it was best that the band let their music do the talking.

With the encore dusting down an old favourite from the band’s first album, and the long term fans seeming most pleased, the set was a roaring success and with more live dates promised for 2006, word should hopefully start getting around for Ives.

Guest article from Andy R.

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