Lucid Oak

Lucid Oak
EP 2005

I can’t quite say this EP was anything special to me, but with similarities to David Gray and all the other current acoustic chart toppers, this two piece must have a good chance to get in on the act. That said, the appearance of some heavy moments in the first track certainly improved my first impressions.

‘Hillbilly’ is in complete contrast to the opener with strange lyrics about Scooby Doo and very reminiscent of the White Stripes. They unquestionably pull off the combination of heavy acoustic and, when all put together, it adds up to one enjoyable listen which definitely caught my attention.

Lucid Oak are certainly original as they have something I haven’t experienced before, especially the unusual tracks like ‘Buddum’. Unfortunately tracks like ‘When You Find Out’ can come across as a tad slow and tedious, don’t let it cloud your judgement as the majority of this release is well worth a listen.

The final track ‘Bop Airlines’ was recorded acoustically at their home and it sounds so much better for it. Its a beautiful song full of emotion and almost hypnotic on the ear. It also wraps up a great ending to an unusual combination of songs.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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