Lizard In The Wires EP

The first thing that hit you about Centrifuge is that their laid back and stylishly effortless vocals have a Muse-esque quality. Fortunately though, musically Centrifuge are much heavier and more talented.

The suggestively named ‘Brothel’ chaotically introduces the band’s style with the high tempo and hard hitting sounds giving you an idea of how these guys will settle for giving nothing but their best. Lifeless is definitely not the word to describe Centrifuge.

‘Taking Back the Asylum’ follows the opener in the same vein but this time gives the band a chance to show off their talents with some defined guitar playing, being both twiddly and precise.

The title track of the EP (track number four in this five track release) offers a much slower, more melodic and emotional side to Centrifuge, highlighting their flexibility as a band, before going on to pick up speed and energy in the last track ‘Final Solution’ – an almost punk like tune that proves their ability to cover almost all modern rock bases.

Five toe tapping songs which puts them somewhere close to Nine Black Alps younger brother, just hanging in the shadows with the potential to be great.

Written by Brayer on

Talena Rose Brayer

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