Blue and green record exploding into shards

Carnival / Carnivore

I’ll be totally honest here. I accept that Centrifuge are a talented band with a decent vocal and a tight sound that fears no time signature or pulled rhythm on Earth. The thing is though, this single is really, really hard to get into. You need to give this a lot of listens before ‘Carnival / Carnivore’ grows on you and even then, it doesn’t have the appeal factor you’d expect from an A-Side.

It would make a great explosive live track, I’m sure. It would even sit well at the start of an album to shake you up a bit and get you ready for the easier tracks, but a single it’s not.

‘Shotgun Funeral’ is equally contrived, in terms of musicians writing music for musicians and you have to give credit to a really accomplished song, but once again it’s not a track that would draw you into the world of Centrifuge.

Very occasionally, bands like this do well and I’m not discounting the fact that Centrifuge could well be taking the reigns from the likes of Rush. But generally, this kind of thing appeals much more to other bands who can be impressed with what’s going on than it does to a pure listener of music.

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