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Our Research Explains It All EP

Bridgend’s The Title The Author (formerly known as She Died in June) describe their new EP, ‘Our Research Explains It All’, as being for fans of Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie, and Taking Back Sunday… which probably means it’s not really for me, but I listened with an open mind.

Wow! What an intro! The first track ‘Half Beat, Small Feet!’ starts off electro style with a thumping bass and great vocals and just starts building and building. I can’t listen to it without thinking of The Aloof or Orbital, not what I was expecting at all from a band proclaiming themselves for fans of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday.

Then once the track has built up, in kicks…. well, nothing! What an anti-climax! This really bugged me on the first listen and took away from the whole of the rest of the album – but then I went back and listened again…

and again…

and again!

In fact, I’m now on the fourth listen and I can honestly say that it is a great CD once you let it grow on you a bit.

On the second listen, I started thinking of what to compare it to and the Lost Prophets popped into my head (not the new album hated by Duncan B, but proper Lost Prophets live style) or maybe My Chemical Romance. On the third listen I thought maybe a hint of Linkin Park.

I’m really sorry if those comparisons are offensive guys but the thing is, it could sound as though any number of bands had made this CD and it’s been done so well that they may probably claim it too.

I have seen that according to their myspace page this is going to be their last EP and the band have already broken up – upsetting as I was hoping to catch them on one of my visits to the family in Bridgend and I think that they could have been a pretty decent band.

They claim that their last EP sold out within a month of release and if it’s anything like this I can see why. If you get the chance – just grab it!

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