The Rebs

The Rebs

Having initially completely forgotten about The Rebs gig tonight I was planning on spending the evening… well… drinking. As it turns out they are on first at The Joiners tonight, allowing me to squeeze in more than a few bevvies having seen them strut their stuff. Having convinced a mate of mine to tag along we get to the venue in the nick of time. Only my name’s not on the door.

Now this has happened before and is usually quite easy to sort out. I’ve been there to see bands so often I think the doorman has a pretty good idea of how many different t-shirts I own (and how often I wash them), so he is usually pretty helpful. Tonight is no exception, as he helpfully informs me that The Rebs pulled out of the gig a week ago. Talk about a communication breakdown.

So anyway, now I’m in Southampton with no band to watch, and we’re not the only ones. Being the generous guy I am I offer a couple of girls a lift into town so they can meet up with their mates instead of seeing The Rebs. They don’t mind squashing in the back seat with a bass drum, so they accept. Various crappy jokes later and we’re at that bar beginning with V opposite Richer Sounds (we chose it because they allow scrubby bastards in worn jeans and trainers inside).

Now this may sound like it’s leading up to something exciting and/or revolutionary but it’s really not. Conversation ranged from the disappointment of tonight’s no-show to me plugging my own band like a commission-paid marketing executive. Anything to make conversation huh? After one drink we were off so they could meet up with their pals. Way to go, slugger.

So that’s it really. I came, I saw (the outside of The Joiners), I conquered (a pint of Fosters at the bar beginning with V). The band have promised me an ‘exclusive’ soon, but what form this will take we will have to wait and see. Watch this space.

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