Demo 2006 EP

Slowline pride themselves on the economy of their band and the fact that they are a tight three-piece and, whilst there is a lack of extravagant extras in their Demo EP, there is a dark and murky quality throughout that may indicate there is a future for these boys.

In any 3-piece its vital for the bass to make itself known and form the basis of the tracks and this happens straight from the off. Combining the new-wave 1980s dynamics with that blistering Peter Hook nagging sensation, Slowline manage to pass the first test with flying colours.

Overall, there is a dark feeling to the tracks. Opener ‘The Dialogue (The Spotlight)’ has a verse which brings to mind Ian Curtis (and given we’ve already referenced Hooky, lets just say the Joy Division theme is noticeable) although this gives way to a higher vocal, recalling Thom Yorke at times. There’s a lot worse comparisons that could be made, so again there’s a lot of quality surfacing here, which is maintained with the drum and bass.

Its all angular and wiry, ‘Switch On / Switch Off’ is very Gang of Four like in its introduction and the band tends to reign in when at times they may be best suited by a more free-wheeling approach to the music and have some spontaneity, but as a four song demo, it works extremely well as a calling card.

Guest article from Andy R.

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