The Little Explorer - Chair Legs

The Little Explorer
Chair Legs/ Air! Displace This Smoke

The riff that begins first track, ‘Chair Legs’, is a bendy, calming thing that seems to transform into a hypnotic mantra upon repetition. It seems The Little Explorer’s trick is to send the listener into a trance from the off, then mould the brain in whichever way they want like a large piece of pink play-dough. By the time the vocals come in it’s all gone a bit more frantic, enough to wake anyone from a slumber. Then we’re back to being all soothing again. This tune is a serious headf*ck my friends.

Perhaps I’m looking into things in a little too much detail. You have to understand however that a hangover has the strange power to make the person analyze things a mite too far, like some dope fiend on the tail end of an all night binge. At a guess.

It’s odd how something so intricate can be so calming. Thanks to the immense tightness of the band’s recording it sounds extremely organic and natural. There are no joins anywhere on this CD, just pure living, breathing Little Explorer. Thanks to the drummer’s sterling performance and the clever song construction, neither of these tunes have any problem controlling you for the eight minutes it takes to get through them.

Anyone used to hooks or stomping beats should look elsewhere, but for a technically impressive audio experience this is precisely where to find it.

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