Lee Rogers - Drawing Clocks

Lee Rogers
Drawing Clocks LP

Something about Lee Roger’s voice is commanding and coarse, just like blues should be, as if roughened by years of cigarettes and Jack Daniels. ‘Drawing Clocks’ is gentle but regularly ventures into some real, raw blues-rock. He’s indecently talented and there’s some brilliant stuff here. Nifty finger work on the acoustic strings is nothing but full of emotion, just one strum is enough to make you well up.

The acoustic janglings are sexy and soulful, almost like Oasis ballads. ‘Nevermind’ has a great beat that probably comes from a set of bongos. You’d probably appreciate it more in summer, unless you want to brighten up one of these dank October days. The acoustic, blues laced rock and great beat within this track, plants Lee Roger’s not far from the likes of Jack Johnson, but maybe with just a little more power. You’ll struggle not to break into a smile and keep your toes from tapping.

Heart break inspired lyrics seem to be a favourite, like most classics. If you don’t shed a tear after this your heart must be made of stone. There’s an endless list of comparisons and similarities you can find in ‘Drawing Clocks’. Balladic, bluesy, experimental and tinted with genius.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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