Blue and green record exploding into shards

Lo Ego

As many people will tell you, first impressions are everything. Lo Ego clearly know this as this EP hits you like a sledge hammer as soon as you put it on – which is maybe not the perfect first impression, but it certainly is memorable.

In the opener ‘Back Up Plan’, the band create a wall of sound while still managing to give us a discernable melody. Part nasal screaming, part intense singing, the vocal is one of a kind, though the significance of the lyrics gets lost in this circus of noise. There is a delicate balance between mental and normal that is kept in place by the relationship between Radiohead-esque guitar lines and a stable bassline, and this brings something else entirely to the music.

First impressions over with, the heart of the band really comes through with second song ‘Gazes’, which takes us to a different place. Haunting and slightly discordant, it evokes emotions so deep it’s almost painful to listen to, while still being upbeat somehow. The same cannot be said of ‘At The End Of This’, which sacrifices liveliness for intensity, with poignant results.

Closing tune ‘Suffered A Loss’ brings the EP to a slightly more active end, but still cannot escape the depression of the previous two songs, which, by this time, is becoming quite tiring. This mini-album is certainly atmospheric and touching, but there is something present in the first song which is just lacking in the rest.

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