William - Five Minute Wonder

Five Minute Wonder

It’s hard to criticise the music for either tracks on William’s debut single, but the vocals seem to have an unsuccessful Jack White tint and are mainly spoken rather then sung. Musically, on ‘Five Minute Wonder’ they’re a great mix of upbeat and chaotic rock ‘n’ roll but I found it difficult to take the vocals seriously, which was a shame.

The drumming and guitars work perfectly on ‘Aperture’ and again it’s catchy and danceable, vocally though, both songs are sparse which is disappointing. It’s not really clear what they’re trying to achieve, maybe they’re still finding their feet as this single definitely lacks something to make them stand out. However, moments of musical genius can often stand so close to moments of tedium and sometimes William’s approach to lyrics is not far from eccentric.

I don’t doubt the musical talent of William, yet, even with a frontman similar to the ever popular Jack White, they lack that spark that makes him so fun to listen to.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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