Evils - Give Me Evils

Give Me Evils

Let me just start by saying that I have honestly never, ever heard a song that sounds more like a Mario Party song than ‘Have a Good Time’. For this reason only, this song makes me happy – and would make a good few people I know happy too.

It may not seem obvious to take what sounds like Nintendo sound effects and make a song out of them, but when they are added to an electro track like this, it does, in fact, work. Structurally, this song is incredibly simple, but this doesn’t stop it from being catchy or stop you wanting to do the robot badly to it. Elsewhere on the EP, things get a little more experimental, especially on ‘Banjo-uke Blues’, which is not a weird techno-country mash-up (thankfully), and the more chilled but still memorable ‘Idiophone’.

This EP shows what popular electro can be, and should be. Check it out.

Guest article from Heather P.

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