Blue and green record exploding into shards

The Boy From Space
The Farm

When something starts off like your granny on a Bontempi organ, you just don’t know where it’s going to go. In fact, all the keyboard-based bits of this record bring to mind those eighties synthesizers with buttons that were clearly labelled by someone who hadn’t ever heard the real instruments that they believed to be represented. I spent seven years thinking that ‘warm brass’ was a very literal setting that simulated a piece of heated metal!

However, this isn’t as bad as all that – ‘The Farm’ has a pink-panther vibe to its dodgy simulated bass and the Rick Astley keyboards that accompany the real sounds in the second half do a good job of hovering halfway between a cheap BBC 2 theme tune and something from Fleeing New York’s early years.

‘Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Winner’ is the musical equivalent of The Office, with an audiotape full of motivational sales training mixed in with a retro dance track. In the wrong hands, this could well become the pre-opening-hours music blasted through a Mcdonald’s restaurant to gee up the staff, but taken in the right context it’s great fun.

Will you like this record? Well, it’s anyone’s guess to be perfectly honest and I’m not so sure I’d part with my hard-earned cash to purchase it – but I’m not giving away this copy either!

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