The Sugarettes - Sugarettecity

The Sugarettes
Sugarettecity EP

The Sugarettes hail from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Joep van Son and Iskaa love sweet melodies, raw guitars, and a DIY ethic. Sugarettecity is their debut EP.

‘Claps’ has a static, raw vibe with a continuous clapping beat that, along with the nonchalant vocal, creates a bitter-sounding track. These songs could benefit from ditching the drum machine and replacing it with a heavy drum kit beat to give a bit more bite.

Although there’s a lack of rhythm due to the weak sound of the drum machine, the vocal throughout ‘Bounce’ and ‘Little I Love’ is strong but delicate, sounding at times like Debbie Harry and, strangely, The Corrs.

Overall, The Sugarettes best track is ‘Bounce’ as there’s an unmistakable boppy-pop vibe. If they can take care of some unfinished business in the beats department, they could sweeten up their sound.

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Louise Stephens was a long-term writer for The Mag.

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