Last Days of Lorca - Militia EP

Last Days of Lorca
Militia EP

Grabbing you roughly by the shoulder and ushering you into their maxichrome world fraught with tense beats and wiry guitars, Last Days of Lorca waste no time at all in getting right into the meaty section of ‘As Flies Fly’.

Things are stark but not bleak – it’s high contrast and high energy and, as is the case for ‘I Am Rat’, very clever and very precise. There are plenty of changes throughout the track, but the urgency remains and is a feature of all of the songs on this EP.

‘My Militia Will Eat Your Militia’ is possibly the lead contender for ‘best melody’ on this record – at once interesting and memorable and totally lending itself to the tone of the record. Lambrou’s voice is more mature on this track, finding weight and substance without losing the unique tonal qualities that make it so recognisable.

Last Days of Lorca have come up trumps with this EP. It will definitely see further plays and is unlikely to have much dust-catching opportunities while it lives in my collection. Fans of Muse, Radiohead and even My Chemical Romance will all find something to love in this record.

Watch Last Days of Lorca – Live at Concord 2.

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