Blue and green record exploding into shards

Toby Keane
For Jo and Bill

In a world where singer-songwriters are packaged, marketed and sold in supermarkets, Toby Keane is really quite refreshing. His blend of electronica with a more traditional acoustic sound makes for a far more interesting sound than most, and is mixed in a way that makes it wonderfully enigmatic.

At first, ‘Beautiful You’ sounds fairly simplistic, but after several listens you begin to notice the skill that has gone into crafting the track. Its tranquil mood makes it perfect to listen to at 3am.

Both ‘Burst’ and ‘A Lovely Oblivion’ are raw and affecting with understated, bittersweet melodies. In my opinion these are the strongest tracks and epitomise everything this type of music should be. ‘She Wears Me Out’ is haunting and mysterious, albeit in a really quite excellent way. The sound is brooding and evocative; my only criticism is that I wish the vocals were a little easier to decipher, although that does not detract from the overall atmosphere this track creates, which lingers long after listening. There is a pervading sense of melancholia throughout which is expressed earnestly; quite unlike the insipid balladry found on supermarket shelves.

There is not really much to find fault with here. There is a great deal to like about Toby Keane’s music and his multiple musical talents are fused together superbly to create this collection of tracks.

Guest article from Ellie H.

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