Blue and green record exploding into shards

From Mars
From Mars EP

Rushing, screaming guitars drive an intense two-note hammering intro to open up ‘1st May’ and expose a song which is both immediate and intense. It’s in your face from the start, not necessarily trying to take your head off, but more making sure your attention isn’t going to be straying elsewhere anytime soon.

The vocals arrive all angsty indie-kid and the backline powers things along like a pimped-up Black n Decker however, it’s the twin guitars which are a gem here. They play off each other nicely; from the crisp driving rhythms of the verse to the melodic interludes and breakdowns, they never once let up.

‘More Land to Build Houses On’ carries in the same vein but this time with engaging harmonies and a whole lot of metal riffing, broken up here and there with the gentler guitar sounds of the opener. Rhythmically it’s more of a jagged number, but by the second listen any doubts that it isn’t going to work are out the window, leaving you bouncing along to what is the best out of the three tracks on offer.

The EP wraps up with ‘Fallout’ giving away its punk roots, which lurk behind that intense indie rock façade. It stops and starts much like ‘More Land to…’ and it’s the same unrelenting intensity in both the vocal and guitar delivery that elevates it to an angrier place than the current post-punk of Bloc Party and the likes. My only gripe is the ending – it seems to have two!

2007 has so far seen guitarist Matt Simon leave the band and album plans put on hold following the end of Boobytrap Records however if From Mars can put half as much energy into resolving their recording and line-up issues as they inject into their songs, then this year could turn out a damn sight better then it’s started for them. Best of luck lads.

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