Six Nation State

Six Nation State
Where Are You Now?

Before getting into the usual CD reviewing formalities, it’s important just to mention how freaking awesome these guys are live. They bring the stage to life which, when combined with the inevitable body and head movements from the spectators, result in a blurry mess of instruments and hair. Albeit one that makes one hell of a catchy racquet (in the best sense of the word).

To see them live is to discover how to have fun at a gig, is to dance when you swore you wouldn’t, is to remember that fun bands are so much better in every way than pretentious ones. The burning question is, can the good people at Jeepster (their label) transfer all of this onto record whilst retaining what makes them awesome. Well, yes, in a word, but it isn’t as simple as that.

‘Where Are You Now’ displays their accomplished ability to write a singable catchy chorus and surround it with lovely crooning verses, all of which ooze sincerity of lyric and rabble-esque group vocal lines. The singer’s voice is perfectly tuneful but raw as well, giving him the edge that many professionally trained vocalists will only ever be able to dream of. It may be the fags and booze that nurtures this facet, but by golly it works. So carry on son, even if that pesky government does make it illegal for you to do so while you’re playing.

‘Hide Yourself Away’ is a fun track also, but never really achieves the heights of the first song, but at only one and a half minutes I’m not sure it is supposed too. So pretty soon you have ‘Just don’t know’ to entertain your lugholes, and blimey, is it capable of that.

Comparing them to the Coral etc would be understandable due to their country-folk-rock sound, but entirely unfair all the same. Their confidence of execution mark them way out on their own, producing tracks such as these that the Coral probably wish they could write nowadays.

All well and good so far. However I did mention that it wasn’t as simple as this, and it isn’t, for the sole reason that however fantastic this single is, it is by no means their best material. Buy this, then buy everything else they release, and you will discover your soundtrack to the summer.

Guest article from Matt S.

Watch Six Nation State – ‘Where Are You Now?’

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