Trauma Pet - You Cannot Feel This. A wet glass effect with a lotus flower or lily just visible

Trauma Pet
You Cannot Feel This

Trauma Pet are off to a great start with ‘Affinity’, a punchy opener boasting dance beats with rock-like vocals. Heartfelt and emotional – the good kind of emotional – it almost feels like a Blondie tribute.

A strong electronic feel throughout makes it difficult to box Trauma Pet. They haven’t got enough of anything to be put into one genre, but what they have got is pretty good.

‘Sick’ then cranks it up a notch. It has a great techno style, not over the top but it’s danceable.

‘You Cannot Feel This’ isn’t the usual dance-type music, with its mix of Prodigy and Blondie, it’s definitely an intriguing album.

Listen to Trauma Pet – Affinity.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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