Mr Derry - Goodnight / Beasts and Pearls

Mr Derry
Goodnight / Beasts and Pearls

With a rock sound that tears at the heels of bands like Jet or Kings of Leon, but with a vocal that could have been supplied by the likes of Buffie Cloud, Mr Derry make a strong return with this double a-side single.

‘Goodnight’ has a pounding beat with big guitars and a chorus that everyone can (and does) join in with. The bass guitar gets the spotlight for the solo and the addition of some ‘whoo-hoos’ adds some vocal spice.

Alternating between a smouldering vocal and guitar chant and a fast hippy-rock fling, ‘Beasts and Pearls’ is the seventies love child of Mr Derry and an unknown local girl with flowers in her hair. This is a song that would sound great on vinyl and, luckily, this will be available as a 7′.

This is the best record yet from Mr Derry and they add a long-awaited girl-fronted spin to the world of retro rock n roll.

Watch Mr Derry – ‘Beasts and Pearls’.

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