The Hold Steady - Almost Killed Me

The Hold Steady
Almost Killed Me LP

Originally penned in 2003, Almost Killed Me is a new release for us Brits aimed at helping us catch up on things.

‘Positive Jam’ is the first track and it supplies the album’s title (it does crop up elsewhere, too) in amongst an abridged history of America, 1920 – 1990. It’s a lo-fi affair that captures that classic scuzzy indie sound perfectly.

It’s a strong start that gets rigorously upheld throughout, which makes it difficult to pick a best track. That award eventually goes to ‘Knuckles’ at the expense of the close-second ‘Killer Parties’. Finding a comparison for this band is equally difficult. It’s Pavement, AC/DC, and Husker Du all at once.

The lyrics play a massive part in the appeal generated by this record, supplying a unique viewpoint on people, places, pills, and events. The way lines pop up in subsequent songs is an addition to the intricate themes, not a lack of ideas.

Have a listen, depart from your body for a while and enjoy what The Hold Steady has to offer on their impressive debut.

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