The Blank Podcast

The Blank Podcast
Mark Gatiss

The BLANK podcast, AKA blankpod, is a regular one-hour interview show hosted by Giles Paley-Phillips and Jim Daly. The focus of each episode is blank moments;

…those moments when we go ‘blank’ whether it’s writer’s block, forgetting lines, losing an audience, or being off form.

Blank Podcast

This month, they spoke to Mark Gatiss about writing, acting, radio, and funding villainous empires. The conversation moves fluidly between all of the myriad facets of Gatiss’ life and career, covering aspirations as well as achivements.

The focus returns at various points to the subject of creativity, which is the heart of blankpod, which reveals a little about how each of the guests handles some of the turmoil often experienced by people who make creative works.

Gatiss talks about getting overwhelmed by social media, discusses the problems with nostalgia, and how he feels about being busy – as well as what he does when there is a little downtime. There is also a great chance discussion on dealing with “what’s the point” moods and how to pull yourself out of them.

I am a bit of a workaholic. I find if I haven’t done something for a day I feel a bit itchy.

Mark Gatiss

If you are a creative individual, there are useful nuggets to be found in blankpod; and knowing that Mark Gatiss gets writer’s block sometimes can be incredibly comforting. This isn’t schadenfreude, it’s more a form of solidarity between those of us who aspire and those we look up to.

Giles and Jim
Left to Right: Giles and Jim

Giles and Jim have hooked up with some fantastically interesting people and the relaxed conversational style results in insighs that you just don’t get from the traditional promo/interview circuit. There are twenty episodes available on all the usual streaming services (including Jon Ronson, Roisin Conaty, Gary Lineker, Amanda Abbington, Reginald D Hunter, and Susie Dent), and more Blank Podcasts to come.

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