As It is - I Went to Hell and Back

Smashing out some fine transatlantic rock music, Brighton’s As It Is are dropping I Went to Hell and Back on 4th February… and it’s a fine collection of anthems.

Just imagine squeezing All American Rejects, Ok Go, and Nine-era Blink 182 into a blender and pouring the resulting juice directly into your ear holes, and that’s the kind of excellence on offer. There’s some pacey bounce-anthems and some driving emo stompers. Lots of variety, lots of quality.

Where overtheweather recently hit us hard with their lower-case antics, this album is ALL CAPS and titled after text messages with songs like ‘IDGAF’, ‘ILY, HOW ARE YOU?’, and ‘IDC, I CAN’T TAKE IT’.

I really like the atmospheric ‘I MISS 2003’ and the smart beat in ‘I LIE TO ME’, which is an instant playlist add as far as I’m concerned. There’s only a few short weeks left and then the whole album lands. Then we can all stick it on repeat!

Michael Beck is a long-time writer for [the-mag] and Phonotonal.