We Demand Parachutes - Lost Her Mind

We Demand Parachutes
Lost Her Mind (feat. Olivia Castriota)

We Demand Parachutes are a New England band that ‘…blend nostalgic 2000’s rock roots with the big pop hooks of today.’ A self-proclaimed and accurate description based on this single.

With a very deliberate start with the bass and drums prominent, ‘Lost Her Mind’ immediately ensnares your attention as it builds to a chorus that anthems-up like Jimmy Eat World crushed together with Something Corporate. The song has a way of melting you into the chorus, which is unusual in a world of face-punching explosive chorus lines; this is a good choice for this song as it gradually becomes more swimmy and absorbing.

Olivia Castriota’s vocal lands in the second verse, powerful and full of character. It was a great idea to add this vocal counterpoint to the song.

We Demand Parachutes have a great song with nice attention to the dynamics. It’s a recommended listen.

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