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FAC Launches 100% Venues Directory

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), a non-profit organization representing the rights and interests of UK artists has launched a new public database called the 100% Venues Directory.

The directory lists music venues that don’t take a cut from merch sales at the venue. The move comes after a string of bands noted that some venues were taking deep cuts from sales of music and merch, one of the ways bands manage to keep their van on the road to come and play for us up and down the country.

The relationship between artists and venues is essential and inseparable, forming one of the most important partnerships in the music ecosystem.  One of the key revenue sources for touring artists is the sale of merchandise at gigs. Often, that revenue represents the difference between a gig breaking even or losing money.


We are delighted to spot legendary music venues such as The Joiners (Southampton), The Wedgewood Rooms (Portsmouth), The Old Fire Station (Bournemouth), The Fleece (Bristol), The Windmill (Brixton), The Water Rats (London), and The Garage (London) have all signed up. We can also see some amazing venues missing from the list and we hope they will sign up too.

You can read about the directory and view a list on the FAC website.

This is an important initiative. Many bands have missed out on income from tours and merch sales over the past few years. We know venues have also lost out, with many being saved by the Music Venue Trust (MVT) – but it’s a case of fair treatment as bands don’t usually get a cut of the bar sales.

We encourage all venues to sign up to standards such as the FAC 100% Venue directory and suggest bands check the list when choosing where to play in a town or city in the UK.

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