Sarah Pennypacker - Pax

Sarah Pennypacker

Pax is a truly heart-warming story about the unbreakable bond between a teenage boy, Peter, and his fox, who the book is named after. It’s set in a time of war between Peter’s hometown and another country.

In the book, Peter is manipulated by his father into releasing Pax back into the wild, despite having raised the fox from the day they met. Soon enough, Peter realises that this may have been the wrong thing to do entirely…

At the beginning, we’re introduced to Peter, his dad, and Pax. They abandon Pax at the side of the road near a forest, where he meets the other creatures who reside there. Meanwhile, Peter realises his mistake and sets out to find his beloved fox.

Throughout the story, we meet lots of meaningful characters and experience each of their stories. I’ve gotten quite a few laughs and loads of smiles out of this book.

I love the different roles and their dynamics, as well as the fact you get to experience the story from the point of view of Peter and Pax. The ending was beautifully written and executed and will fill anyone’s heart with joy. I fully recommend this book to animal lovers, and fans of the Warrior Cats series.

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