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Real Songs By LP

When I tell you this is a slice of delightful noise rock, you’ll baulk a bit. I know that. But though there’s a feeling of chaos and shouty vocals with edges of broken screams, there’s also a great deal of musical creativity and plenty of hooks to enjoy.

The album is full of rapid changes of direction. Intense noise and fuzz, changes of pace, instant switches, and almost orchestral interludes from the two-man alt-symphonic of drums and guitar.

As albums go, Real Songs By mixes some more recognisable song structures with completely off-the-map crazy stuff. The result of this is that both kinds of songs sound better. The beauty, you see, is in the contrast.

Listen to FEASTS – ‘One More’.

To provide some reference to orient you to the sound, this album might remind you of Electric Six, Kunk, Silversun Pickups, Pavement, and Public Image Limited in various moments, and sometimes all at once. It’s brilliant.

When I listen to something I like, I drop tracks onto my giant playlist. On rare occasions, I recognise an album that needs to be kept intact. One that’s not for compilation or for playing in a random order. Real Songs By is just such an album. All the songs and in the original order.

In this respect it joins the likes of For Every Heart There Is A Knife, Faded Seaside Glamour, and Crooked Timber in my special list of albums to preserve as their authors intended.

Go and listen to the album on Bandcamp!

Listen to FEASTS – ‘Grow a Face’.

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