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Life In Silhouettes

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For a track that slams hard, ‘Life In Silhouettes’ sure is emotional. Lastelle build the atmosphere with some piano and synth before exploding in full-bodied maximalism for the introduction. But, they have surprises in store.

And the surprise isn’t the skim into the verse, though it’s unexpected. It’s not the sharing out of vocals to create layers and textures, though it’s awesome. This is all good stuff, but Lastelle have built a reputation for doing this.

No. The surprise comes when they bring the magical middle eight. They really twist at this point, flipping the already high emotion up to thrumming intensity. Instead of the hard edge of a guitar solo, a flugel horn brings a warm softness. The song crashes into a massive chorus. Hairs stand on end.

Life In Silhouettes speaks to my desire to understand my neurodivergent mind. About feeling unsure of my place in the world, the fear of finding out there was ‘something wrong’ with my brain and learning to love myself through a journey of self-discovery.

Fred Whatmore

There’s no doubt in my mind. When it comes to ‘Life In Silhouettes’, I love it.

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Life In Silhouettes Lyrics

Hopelessly wandering,
I’m feeling lost in my own skin.
This life in silhouettes,
(living life in silhouettes)
I’m casting shadows on myself.
(I’m casting shadows on myself again.)

Am I alone in this?

I’m calling out,
But nobody’s listening.
I speak in only whispers.
What am I afraid of more,
(What am I afraid of more,)
An echo or an answer?
(An echo or an answer?)

I’ve been scratching the walls,
Trying to find my way out of here.
The more I dig,
The more I disappear.

Carelessly listening,
I’m hearing echoes of the same thing.
Circling, I’m wearing thin.
(Circling round while I’m wearing thin.)
I’m feeling tired of pretending.
(I’m feeling tired of pretending.)

I’m calling out.
I’m calling out.
What am I afraid of more?

I’m surrounded by an absence of empathy,
What am I afraid of more, an echo or an answer?

I’m calling out,
But nobody’s listening.
I speak in only whispers.
What am I afraid of more?
(I’m calling out,)
But nobody’s listening,
(I’m calling out.)
I speak in only whispers
(What am I afraid of more?)
What am I afraid of more?
An echo or an answer?
(I’m calling out.)

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