White Light Motorcade - Thank You Good Night

White Light Motorcade
Thank You, Goodnight LP

Hailing from New York City, Wight Light Motorcade are an almost undiscovered entity in the UK. Their album ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ get’s straight down to business, described as a rock revival but not simply confined to playing things how they used to be. WLM are giving rock the treatment that Greenday gave punk 10 years ago, taking a genre and stripping out the shit to leave room for hooks, melodies, and loud lo-fi guitars.

‘Open Your Eyes’ has a grinding rhythm with a spacious chorus that has the bass and guitars taking different directions to create room for Harley Dinardo’s vocals.

‘It’s Happening’ is a slightly faster but no less gritty rock track with a catchy chorus and punchy verse. This is contrasted by the third track ‘All Gone Again’, which is more melodic and emotional.

The next track, ‘My Way’, is a stunning song and there can be no better anthem for WLM than this. Dragging the album from the mid-tempo emotion of ‘All Gone Again’ into a thundering eclectic number of epic proportions. The vocals during the verse are Billy Corgan-esque and the bass underpins the palm-muted guitars building up to the biggest sing-along chorus in New York!

This is an album full of great songs, from riffy rock and roll in ‘Semi-Precious’, to the quirky rock of ‘We Come Together’ and ‘Useless’, to the summer-time indie of ‘Dream Day’.

It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of this band. If you like The Stooges, Muse and, well, anything that can be described as rock or indie-rock, you won’t be disappointed by this album. White Light Motorcade are a rare case, with distinctly different songs that are united by catchy melodies, rock hooks, and riffs.

Watch White Light Motorcade – ‘My Way’.

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