A relatively small, but nevertheless enthusiastic crowd had gathered to welcome Losthenfound onto an unusually tidy Joiners stage.

There were several sides to their performance, which included a few messy bits creeping in here and there. However, these easily forgiven and were outweighed by the constant creative leaps the band made to take things off-piste.

After opening with ‘Save Me’ and the subsequent destruction of guitar strings, the interlude created by the requirement to beg, borrow, or steal another guitar gave light to the humorous side of the band, which went on to fill the quiet moments of the set with mischievous chit chat between themselves and the audience.

The drumming was consistently excellent with great fills and plenty of attention to the song structures. Only the slowest of idiots would have needed to spot the ‘Travis Barker’ stick bag to work out the influences at work here, but it’s fair to say that there were some new ideas in there as well.

The penultimate song was the point at which Losthenfound reached their peak zone with the energy, vocals, and drumming. A better warm-up session before hitting the stage could have helped to push this into the first half of the set, which would have meant a bigger impact from the off.

It’s still early days for Losthenfound, but lots of gigging will give them the experience they need to tidy up the few bits that weren’t perfect.

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